• Custom Automotive Fabrication

    Elevate your vehicle with our precision automotive fabrication. From custom exhausts to bespoke engine components, we tailor every project to fit your performance aspirations.

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  • Custom Racing Exhaust Fabrication

    Maximize your race car's performance with our expert exhaust fabrication, from aftermarket installations to complete custom systems designed for optimal flow.

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  • Custom NHRA-Certified Roll Cages

    Build your ideal race car with our in-house designed NHRA-certified roll cages. We're your go-to for everything from full builds to custom parts.

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  • Performance Car Part Installation

    Enhance your car's performance with our custom part fabrication and installation services, including intercoolers, intakes, and more.

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  • Maintenance and Repairs

    Maintain your high-performance vehicle's peak condition with our expert services, focusing on enhancing both performance and reliability.

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  • Commercial Welding Services

    Our commercial welding services deliver precision and quality, working with materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium to meet your business needs.

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Join a community of passionate auto enthusiasts who trust Hochman Fabrication and Speed to enhance their vehicles. Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us the preferred choice for performance upgrades and custom fabrication in Chicago. Whether you aim to dominate the track or turn heads on the streets, our team is dedicated to realizing your automotive aspirations.

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