custom designed roll cages

Custom Design and Fabrication

Tailored roll cage solutions designed for your specific vehicle model and racing class, ensuring optimal fit, safety, and compliance.


pre-built roll cage installation

Professional Roll Cage Installation

Precision installation by our expert team guarantees that your roll cage not only meets safety standards but also integrates seamlessly with your vehicle's interior.


nhra certified roll cages

NHRA Roll Cage Certification

Our roll cages are crafted to meet and exceed NHRA standards, ensuring that your vehicle complies with the strict safety regulations required for competitive racing.


custom safety solutions

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Beyond roll cages, we offer a range of safety enhancements and modifications to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is prepared for the demands of the race track.


Custom Roll Cage Fabrication

At Hochman Fabrication and Speed, we believe that safety is paramount in the pursuit of racing excellence. Our NHRA-certified roll cages are designed to provide superior protection, giving you the confidence to push the limits on the track. Whether you're a seasoned racer or new to the sport, our team is dedicated to equipping your vehicle with a roll cage that meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

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